Welcome to Somewhere, TX

Sexy cowboys, small-town charm, and just a hint of magic…

Somewhere, TX is a small college town in south-east Texas where anything could happen. Becca Boyd, Camryn Rhys, Emma Roman, Jodi Vaughn, KC Klein, and Krystal Shannan make up the phenomenal team of romance authors, called ChickTales, and are creating the saga of stories that will make you fall in love with the people of Somewhere.

So come on over to our neck of the woods and find out why you’ll hear wolves howling every full moon, why the Joe the bartender knows everyone’s secrets, and why little old ladies carry pistols and duck tape in their purses. We’ve got romance, drama, suspense, a little of the unexplained, and just enough laughter to make your heart happy.

We hope you will love these stories as much as we do.


The Chicks from ChickTales